An EMS Memorial for MaineAllan Parson Line of Duty Death July 5, 2007

Remembering each sacrifice. Honoring every contribution.  

Over the past decades, Maine has experienced the loss of EMS providers through line of duty deaths. We now have a fitting memorial to honor and remember our fallen heroes as well as honor those in our EMS system who each day provide emergency medical care to the ill and injured citizens of Maine.

The Location: The EMS Memorial is located on the grounds of the State Capital Building in Augusta on State St, adjacent to the fire and law enforcement memorials.

The Design: The Memorial design was scaled to fit well with the existing fire and law enforcement memorials which flank it on either side along State Street in Augusta, near the State House. It is not a traditional memorial style in that it does not have a large central stone and bronze type construction.

A visitor entering the Memorial sees a glass wall with the traditional Star of Life and EMS inscribed. This wall is also directly visible from State Street. The wall will is brightly lit at night from lights shining up through the base.

The remainder of the small plot when completed (2017) will contain six granite benches for sitting and contemplation, and two to three dozen granite, metal, and glass pillars of random heights (four feet tall or less) will be placed randomly throughout the area. Each will denote one of three categories of persons being recognized. One type will be EMS providers who have died in the line of duty. A second will be EMS system leaders who have significantly contributed to the founding and development of the statewide Maine EMS system. The first two categories will bear an individual�s name and affiliation on the metal cap. Third will be a general recognition of EMS system providers. The caps will bear inscriptions such as �volunteer EMT�, �critical care nurse�, �emergency physician�, �paramedic/firefighter�, �emergency medical dispatcher�, or �first responder�. The scattering of these posts around the site represents the wide variety of EMS providers who work throughout the state every day. Again, in the middle of all of this, will be a statue with a patient being attended by two field providers.

Another unique feature of the Memorial is the audio component. Using a cell phone a visitor can dial into messages describing the EMS System and the contributions of the individuals cited. The messages for the generic provider posts will describe what each EMS provider job is like, with messages from people holding those positions. The audio component gives the Memorial a meaningful public education role as well.

Have you taken our Maine EMS Memorial & Education Project "audio tour"? You can listen and learn about Maine EMS in the words and voices of those who tell the story best. While visiting the site at the capital, or from anywhere in the state of Maine, dial 480-3104 and follow the prompts to select from the menu.

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